Scalloped Spreadwing, Platylestes praemorsus

The scalloped spreadwing (Platylestes praemorsus) is a species of damselfly that can be found in Asia, with a range that includes China, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, among other areas. It prefers to reside in lowland swamps and near drains. Both males and females of this species have a bent abdomen, Males are powder blue in color while females are dull blue in color and both have bluish eyes. It perches in a different manner than other damselflies, preferring to rest in a slanted direction rather than a horizontal position. The scalloped spreadwing holds three subspecies and is sometimes classified as Lestes praemorsus.

Image Caption: Lestes praemorsus damselfly, Bannerghatta, India. Credit: Saleem Hameed/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.5)