Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat most easily recognized by its ears. The ear cartilage contains a fold so that the ears bend down towards the front of the head. Some cats today have multiple folds that cause their ears to lie completely flat against their heads.

Susie, the original Scottish Fold, was a white, long-haired barn cat. When she had a littler of kittens, two of them had folded ears. One of them was acquired by a cat-fancier and with the help of a geneticist, the breeding program began. The fold gene is dominant, so if one parent provides the gene for folded ears, the kittens will be Folds.

These cats can be either long or short-haired and can have any coat color combination besides Siamese-style points (these are not eligible for showing). They are good natured cats who are very affectionate to their caregivers. They are known for their complex vocal repertoire and for sleeping on their backs.

Some councils and groups do not accept the Fold as a breed because they feel that the breed might be susceptible to ear problems. The medical problem that has been found to actually be related to the Scottish fold is that if both parents are Folds the kittens will be likely to develop a joint disease that fuses the tail, ankles and knees.