Sechuran Fox

The Sechuran Fox (Lycalopex sechurae), also known as the Peruvian Desert Fox or the Sechuran Zorro, is a South American species of canid closely related to other South American “false” foxes or zorro, of which it is the smallest. It is found in the Sechura Desert in southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru.

The Sechuran Fox weighs 9 to 11 pounds with a body length of about 24 inches and a tail of nearly 10 inches. Its fur is gray agouti and red, and it’s tail is tipped with black. It has small teeth, adapted to feed on insects and dry plants, with fox-like canine teeth.

The Sechuran Fox feeds opportunistically on seed pods, beetles, rodents, birds, and carrion. This nocturnal canid spends the daylight hours in a den dug into the ground.

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