Semi-arid Pampas

The Semi-arid Pampas, alternatively known as the Dry Pampas, is a temperate grassland ecoregion located in central Argentina.

The Semi-arid Pampas cover an area of 126,000 square miles, including western Buenos Aires Province, southern Cordoba and San Luis Provinces and most of La Pampa Province. The area is, in all, a home to no more than a million people, who normally enjoy some of the nation’s lowest poverty rates.

Not dissimilar to the more humid pampas to the east, the area is characterized by its all-embracing grasslands. This ground cover, however, has a tendency to be closer to long-grass varieties that are found in the world’s steppes. Its landscape punctuated by relatively few trees, the region is a home to intermittent shrublands.

Image Caption: (Sendero de la laguna) Reserva natural “Parque Luro”, La Pampa, Argentina. Credit: Claudio Elias/Wikipedia