Seychelles Sunbird

The Seychelles Sunbird (Nectarinia dussumieri), is a small passerine from the family of sunbirds. It is named after the French explorer Jean-Jacques Dussumier. It is native to the Seychelles where it’s called kolibri in Creole. This bird is variously placed in the Cinnyris genus. It occurs on most of the larger granitic islands of the Seychelles Bank. It belongs to the endemic land bird species of the Seychelles which had adapted to human made environment changes in the best way. Its habitat consists of forests, gardens, scrubs, and mangroves from sea level to altitudes of 3000 feet.

It can reach a length from 4.33 to 4.75 inches. The plumage is dull gray. The male exhibits an iridescent violet-green patch on its throat and yellow tufts under its wings. The long slender bill is down-curved. The legs are black. The song of the males is surprisingly high pitched, noisy and harsh.

On its preying for food it is very active, flying to hibiscus and other flowers and feed of nectar and insects. Breeding is the entire year but the best time is September and October. One single egg is laid in a pear-shaped nest. It consists of grass and moss and is bound with spider webs. To protect the nest from cats and rats it hangs usually at the end of a twig.

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