Sharpirhynchia sharpi

Sharpirhynchia sharpi is a species of extinct brachiopod named after fossil collector Samuel Sharp (1814-1882). This species lived during the Lower Bathonian of the Middle Jurassic Period. It is found only in the United Kingdom, and numerous specimens have been taken from several sites, the first from Limekiln Quarry in Northampton, England.

S. sharpi is roughly a half-inch long, with a slender beak and 21 to 31 ribs fanning out from the hinge. This lampshell brachiopod lived life as a stationary epifaunal suspension feeder.

Image Caption: A Sharpirhynchia sharpi (jr syn Kallirhynchia sharpi) lampshell, view of the pedunculate valve,12mm measured along the axis, from Oxfordshire, UK, later middle Middle Jurassic (Bathonian). Credit: Dwergenpaartje/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0)