The Shikoku is a Japanese breed of dog native to Shikoku Island. It is a spitz type breed which is recognized by kennel clubs in Japan and Canada. It was also recognized as a living “natural monument” of Japan in 1937. The breed was bred for hunting boar and deer on mountainous terrain.

The breed stands 17 to 21 inches tall and weighs 17 to 55 pounds. It resembles an Alaskan Husky except in size and color. The body of the Shikoku is square, its head wedge-shaped, its ears pricked, and its tail feathered and curled over its back ““ as is typical of the spitz type. The coat of the breed is thick and can be brindle, red, light brown, light red-brown, or light black-brown.

The breed is incredibly intelligent, agile, and active. The breed has control of its energy and rarely expends it indoors or in places it shouldn’t. It has a good sense of judgment, is cautious, and brave. The breed is very loyal to its owner and can be an ideal companion for an outdoorsman.

The breed generally lives for 10 to 12 years but it may suffer from bone, joint, ear, muscle, or nerve problems. It may also experience more serious diseases related to the heart, lung, and digestive system.

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