Short Eared Possum, Trichosurus caninus

The short-eared possum (Trichosurus caninus) is a species of marsupial that can be found in Australia, with a range that includes areas north of Sydney like southern New South Wales. It prefers a habitat within open and closed forests, but it can also be found in areas with disturbed habitat like plantations. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 5,249 feet. This species is nocturnal and is able to hold home ranges for long periods. After breeding, the pregnancy period can last between fifteen and seventeen days. Females give birth to one baby possum that remains in the pouch for five to six months.

The short-eared possum holds a stable population and is not known to have any major threats. However, some local populations can be threatened by habitat loss and predation by foxes, and it is thought to be a pest in some areas. This species occurs in many protected areas and appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Least Concern.”

Image Caption: Trichosurus caninus. Credit: John Gould/Wikipedia