Shrub-ox, Euceratherium collinum

The shrub-ox (Euceratherium collinum) is a close relative of the modern musk-ox, and is an extinct member of the family Bovidae. It inhabited North America during the late Pleistocene, appearing before the first bovids entered North America from Eurasia. These muskoxen became extinct approximately 11,500 years ago.

The shrub-ox was very large, approximately in between the sizes of a musk-ox and an American Bison. Research done on pellets left by these oxen shows that they browsed for food like shrubs and trees in their preferred hilly habitats. Fossils of the shrub-ox have been discovered from California to Mexico, and they have also been found in eastern regions like Illinois.

Image Caption: Euceratherium collinum, a musk ox relative from the Pleistocene of North America, pencil drawing, digital coloring. Credit: Nobu Tamura/Wikipedia(CC BY 3.0)