Shunka Warakin

Shunka Warakin is creature from American folklore resembling a wolf, a hyena, or both. It has been suggested by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman that the creature was unknown to modern sources and its name translates to “carries off dogs.”

In 1986, Israel Ammon Hutchins shot an animal on a Montana ranch. Coleman suggests that it was an example of the Shunka Warakin. It was stuffed and put on display at Joseph Sherwood’s general store and museum in Henry’s Lake, Idaho.

This is the only piece of physical evidence that relates to the creature. However, it was never examined and became missing until December 2007.

Some explanations that the Shunka Warakin may be a member of a prehistoric species the hyaenodons, dire wolves, or a Chasmaporthetes  (an American hyena).

Another explanation comes from 2005-2006 where an unusual-looking wolf was blamed for killing a total of 120 sheep and injuring 71 others in Montana. It was shot on November 2, 2006. It had a reddish-yellow coat of fur and weighed 106 pounds.

Coleman suggested it was a Shunka Warakin, but the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks determined it was a four-year-old male wolf with an unusual color.

Image Caption: Shunka Warakin. Credit: Sergiodlarosa/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)