The Siberian cat is very strong and powerful. Siberians have strong hindquarters which enable them to jump quite high. They weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, and even though they attain the same weight as breeds such as the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat their bodies are typically shorter and stockier, reaching full maturity after about 5 years.

These cats are extremely agile and athletic. Their back is medium and slightly lower in the front than the rear, because of longer hind legs, but it appears horizontal when the cat is moving. The torso becomes more barrel shaped and muscular with age. The overall appearance of a Siberian is one of great power, with its large hindquarters and big round paws, but its facial expression is sweet and gentle.

They have almost round eyes that are at least one eye width apart with the outer corner slightly angled toward the lower part of their ears. They have medium large ears that are rounded and tilt forward. Their head is a modified wedge shape, and they have well-rounded chins. Their eyes are fairly low on their head, and the top of their head is flat.

Siberians are very playful and generally affectionate, intelligent and loyal. Many owners describe them as being dog-like.

Their fur is medium-long to long, with the hair on the lower chest and shoulder blades being shorter. These cats have a triple coat, perhaps due to their origins in Russia, and their head is set off from their body with an abundant ruff. They often appear to have no neck because of the thick ruff. Although these cats have a thick coat, some believe them to be about 90% hypoallergenic, although there is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove it. Their fur is textured, typically tabby patterned, and does not have a tendency to mat. They have medium length tails which are thickly covered.

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