The Singapura is a small, foreign-type cat which originated in Singapore. The breed combines genes indigenous to Southeast Asia, the browns of Siamese and Burmese cats and the ticked or agouti pattern.

The body of the Singapura is moderately stocky and muscular, feeling heavier than one looks. The Singapura has strong slender legs tapering to oval feet. The tail is blunt-tipped and slender. Each hair on the body of the Singapura has at least two bands of sepia ticking separated by light bands with a dark tip. The chest, stomach, inner legs and muzzle are a light ivory, and the cat should have some barring on the inner front legs and back knees.

The eyes of the Singapura are noticeably large and set very close together, and are typically hazel, green or yellow. The head is gently rounded with a broad muzzle that is fairly short and blunt. The ears are large and deep, there must be evidence of dark pigment outlining the nose, and lines from the inner corner of the eye to the whisker pad.

The Singapura is a very rare breed and is the world’s smallest breed of cat. Females are generally around four pounds with males being around six.

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