Skorpiovenator is a genus of abelisaurid theropod dinosaur from the Cenomanian Stage of the Late Cretaceous Period of Argentina (about 93 million years ago). It was discovered in the lower part of the Huincul Formation in Patagonia. The type specimen, S. bustingorryi, was described and named by Canale, Scanferla, Angolin, and Novas in 2009. It is known from a single, nearly complete skeleton missing only part of the tail and most of the forelimbs.

Skorpiovenator is derived from the Greek and Latin for “scorpion hunter,” due to the abundant scorpions found at the dig site. The specific name, bustingorryi, honors Manuel Bustingorry, who owned the farm where the specimen was discovered.

Skorpiovenator lived along with other carnivorous dinosaurs of the time, such as the Mapusaurus and the Ilokelesia.

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