The Sloughi is a breed of domestic breed of sighthound dog that can be found in North Africa, specifically in Morocco. The origin of this breed is unknown, but it is thought to have come from the area now known as Ethiopia or the Orient and is possibly related to the Azawakh breed. The breed was used for hunting and still is today, but it is also known for its skills as a guard dog.

The Sloughi is a medium sized dog that is typically muscular in appearance. Its fur is short and can be a variety of colors including light tan, dark red, or light red, with a number of different brindle markings a black mask, black mantle, and black ears. The standard allows for a small white patch of fur to occur on the chest. The breed is distinct in that its back is almost completely horizontal. This breed has not experienced significant changes since ancient times and it does not have any major health conditions. However, it can have genetic issues such as progressive retinal atrophy as well as sensitivity to medications.

The Soughi is intelligent and loyal in nature, but also sensitive and slightly restless, but it does not require any more exercise than other dog breeds. It requires delicate training, but this is easily accomplished if owners use positive reinforcement. The Sloughi is recognized by many major kennel clubs including the FCI, AKC, UKC, and ANKC.

Image Caption: Sloughi, sand with black mask. Credit: Romey/Wikipedia