Small Bernese Hound

The small Bernese hound, also known as the Berner Niederlaufhund and the Berner Laufhund, is a breed of scent hound that originated in Switzerland. This breed was developed in the 1900’s, after hunting regulations created a need for a slower dog. By selectively breeding certain Swiss Laufhund dogs, this smaller breed was established. Although it was and is used for hunting, this breed can also be used to find wounded animals and can be kept as a pet. It is officially recognized by the FCI.

The small Bernese hound varies in height depending upon the sex, with males reaching an average height of up to 1.4 feet and females reaching an average height of up to 1.3 feet. The body appears to be square, but it is slightly elongated, and it has well developed legs. This has four distinct color variations including the Jura Niederlaufhund, which is preferably black in color with maroon colored spots along the chest, eyes, legs, and cheeks, and the Berner Niederlaufhund, which has wiry hair and is preferably white, maroon, and black in color. The classic temperament of this breed is calm and sweet, but it is also brave and friendly.

Image Caption: Bernese Hound during International show of dogs in Katowice – Spodek, Poland. Credit: Pleple2000/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)