Small Mauritian Flying Fox, Pteropus subniger

The small Mauritian flying fox (Pteropus subniger) is an extinct species of mega bat that once resided on the Réunion and Mauritius islands in the Mascarene Islands, located in the Indian Ocean. These nocturnal bats was also known as the dark flying fox, and to the French travelers who observed them, they were known as rougettes.

It was said that the Mauritian flying fox would roost in large colonies, of up to 400 bats, in caves and old trees. Observers noted that males occurred only once per colony, and this suggested that the sexes roosted separately, as is common with many bat species. It may have fed on soft fruit, due to its delicate teeth. There are specimens located in museums in Berlin, Sydney, London, and Paris.

Image Caption: Pteropus subniger specimen in Museum national d’histoire naturelle in Paris. Credit: citron/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0)