Smooth lanternshark

The Smooth lanternshark, Etmopterus pusillus, is a shark of the family Dalatiidae, found circumglobally on or near the bottom of continental and insular slopes down to 3280.84 ft (1,000 m), between latitudes 42° N and 48° S. Its length is up to 19.69 in (50 cm).

The Smooth lanternshark has bladelike unicuspidate teeth in the lower jaw and teeth with cusps and cusplets in the upper jaw, a relatively short snout, and low, truncated denticles. In the south Atlantic it is also oceanic from the surface to 2329.4 ft (710 m). It feeds on fish eggs, lanternfish, squid, and other small dogfish. It is utilized dried salted for human consumption and for fishmeal.

Its coloration is blackish brown dorsally, with an obscure broad black mark running above, in front and behind the pelvic fins.

Reproduction of the blurred Smooth lanternshark is ovoviviparous.