Solar Physics

Solar Physics is a journal for solar and solar-stellar research and the study of solar terrestrial physics. Founded in 1967 by solar physicist Cornelis de Jager and publisher D. Reidel, the journal treats all aspects of solar physics, ranging from the internal structure of the Sun and its evolution, to outer corona and solar wind in interplanetary space.

Solar Physics has four more than forty years been the principal journal for publications of fundamental research on the Sun. It is published monthly by Springer and is printed in the Netherlands. Double issues are printed twice yearly. As of May 2012, editors are: The current editors are Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, John Leibacher, and Takashi Sakurai. Like most research journals in the astronomy field, Solar Physics is also available online.

Image Caption: 2009 cover of the journal Solar Physics. Credit: Wikipedia

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