Somalirhynchia africana

Somalirhynchia africana is a species of brachiopod in the Tetrarhynchiidae family. This marine rhynchonellate lampshell lived during the Late Jurassic Period in the Ethiopian Faunal Province, which today consists of Ethiopia, Somalia, Jordan, Yemen, Kenya, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. This species also occurred in India. During the Upper Jurassic, this species would have been found in tropical, shallow, coral seas, where it lived as a stationary epifaunal suspension feeder.

S. africana was about 1 inch in size and was in the shape of a marble. It had about 29 ribs fanning out from the hinge.

Image Caption: A Somalirhynchia africana Brachiopod, outside view of the brachial valve, purchased in 2005 from a local, Blue Nile Gorge, between Dejen and Gohatsion, Ethiopia. Credit: Dwergenpaartje/Wikipedia(CC BY-SA 3.0)