Southern Blue Whiting

The Southern Blue Whiting, Micromesistius australis, is a cod of the genus Micromesistius, found in the southern oceans where the temperature is between 37.4° and 44.6°F and (3° and 7°C), at depths of between 164.04 and 2952.76 ft (50 and 900 m). Its length is between 11.81 and 35.43 in (30 and 90 cm), and it has a maximum weight of 1.87 lb (850 g).

The Southern Blue Whiting is an elongated fish with a pointed snout and no barbel. There are three widely spaced dorsal fins, and two anal fins. Males have much longer pelvic fins than the females.

The mouth is relatively large with small teeth, ideally suited for feeding on planktonic crustaceans such as amphipods and krill.

Coloration is light bluish on the back with a scattering of small black dots, and silver-white below.

Illustration by Dr Tony Ayling