Southern Crowned Pigeon

The Southern Crowned Pigeon, Goura scheepmakeri, is a large pigeon confined to Southern lowland forests of New Guinea. It has a bluish-gray plumage with elaborate blue lacy crests, red iris and very deep maroon breast.

There are two subspecies of the Southern Crowned Pigeon, differentiated by their shoulder and belly colorations. Goura scheepmakeri sclateri of
Southwest New Guinea with maroon shoulders and blue gray belly, and the nominate race Goura scheepmakeri scheepmakeri of Southeast New Guinea with blue gray shoulders and maroon below.

This species was first discovered new to science by Otto Finsch who found a live bird received from the dealer C. Scheepmaker in Amsterdam Zoo and named it after him. Being tame and heavily hunted for its meat and plumes, the Southern Crowned Pigeon is evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.