Speckled Pigeon

The Speckled Pigeon, Columba guinea, is a pigeon in the bird family Columbidae. It is a resident breeding bird in much of Africa south of the Sahara. It is a common and widespread species in open habitats over a good deal of its range, although there are sizeable gaps in its distribution.

This is a large pigeon at 16 inches in length. Its back and wings are reddish-brown, the latter heavily speckled with white spots. The rest of the upper parts and under parts are blue-gray, and the head is gray with red patches around the eye. The neck is brownish, streaked with white, and the legs are red. Sexes are similar, but the young are browner than adults.

The Speckled Pigeon is frequently seen around human habitation and cultivation. Most of its food is vegetable, and it gathers in large numbers where grain or groundnuts are available. It builds a large stick nest in a tree and lays two white eggs.