Steppe Wisent, Bison priscus

The steppe wisent (Bison priscus) or steppe bison was common to North America, Central Asia, Europe, and Beringia during the Quaternary period. It is thought that the steppe bison appeared around the same time as the aurochs , an extinct type of cattle, in Asia. Descendants of the steppe bison are often confused with the aurochs species. During the late Pleistocene era, the steppe wisent became extinct, giving rise to the modern wisent in Europe, and eventually the modern Bison in America. The steppe wisent could grow to become larger than 6.5 feet. The horns can be measured from tip to tip, having a length of up to 3.2 feet together, and each horn can be over 1.6 feet long. These bison have appeared in cave art in places like Cave of Altamira and mummified specimens have been found.

Image Caption: This is at the Mammoth Museum, a Bison. Credit: Stacy/Wikipedia(CC BY 2.0)