Storm Damage In Northeast South Dakota

On June 17, 2012 a line of strong storms began to develop around 5pm CDT. These storms started forming multiple funnel clouds with one confirmed tornado that hit near a small town called PeeverSD. The size of the tornado has not been confirmed yet. There is one report of damage of a pickup truck and trailer thrown into the ditch off the I-29 interstate. Also multiple houses have loss portions of their walls and roofs in this area. Further to the Southeast, in Big Stone City SD, there was straight line wind damage that occurred. There are reports of 25ft trees have been uprooted and knocked down along with a lot of power lines that have been snapped and toppled in the region. There have been multiple reports of hail in size from 1.0 upwards to 2.5inches. An estimated wind report in the region came in at 70 plus mph.