Storsjoodjuret, Lake monster

The Storsjoodjuret is a legendary lake monster said to inhabit the 300 foot deep lake Storsjon in Jamtland, Sweden. In 1986, Storsjoodjuret, its offspring, and nest was put under a protection law for being an endangered species, but the law was withdrawn in 2005.

Storsjoodjuret’s name was derived in 1899 as a combination of other Swedish words. The translation of these words, stor (great), sjo (lake), odjur (monster), when combined, the results become “Great Lake Monster”. The English name for this creature is sometimes called Storsie. Other names for the creature are Storsjoormen, “The Great Lake Serpent”.

The first reported description of Storsie was made in 1635 by Morgens Pedersen in a folklore tale.

It told of two trolls on the shore of the lake. For years, they spent mixing up a brew not knowing what would result from it. One evening, strange sounds were heard and then a loud bang. A black creature with a snake-like body and a cat-like head, jumped  from their pot and into the lake.

A stone with an inscription and a carved image of the creature sets on the island of Froson. It is believed that the stone holds a spell over the creature to keep it bound until someone is able to decipher the inscription.

Another legend referring to the stone was written by Andreas Plantin in 1685.

This legend states that the head of the creature is buried below the stone and the body extends to Hille Sand where the tail is buried. The stone had been broken in two and lay on the ground. As long as the stone was in its broken state, strange happenings would occur, until the stone was reassembled.

Both legends refer to the stone that has been broken and reassembled and does have a sea serpent carved into the face of it. However, it does not reference either legend in the inscription.

Interest in the creature began in the 1890s and after several sightings, the local residents formed a division to catch the creature, which was supported by king Oscar II. Hundreds of sightings have been reported since, but no evidence to prove the creatures existence has been found.

In 2008, Storsjoodjuret was claimed to be caught on film. The image showed red, meaning something warm was filmed.

Image Caption: Storsjoodjuret stone. Credit: Andreaze/Wikipedia (public domain)