Striped-faced Dunnart

The Striped-faced Dunnart (Sminthopsis macroura), is an Australian marsupial. This animal is found throughout central Australia from the Pilbarra to central Northern Territory, western and central Queensland, south to north-east South Australia to north and west New South Wales. It inhabits sandy soils with dune hummock grasslands, tussock grasslands and scrublands.

This dunnart has an average body length of 7 inches. Its weight varies between five and eight-tenths of an ounces. It has a dark stripe between its ears on top of the snout to the nose. The tail is a little fat at the base but becomes slender at the end.

The Stripe-faced Dunnart breeds from July through February and has a gestation period of 11 days. The 6-8 joeys have a pouch life of 40 days and are weaned at 70 days. 2 litters per season are not uncommon. The diet consists of termites.

This dunnart’s diet consists of termites.