Sulawesi Dwarf Cuscus, Strigocuscus celebensis

The Sulawesi dwarf cuscus (Strigocuscus celebensis) is a marsupial that is classified within the Phalangeridae family. This species is native to the island of Sulawesi but can also be found on the neighboring islands of Siau and Sangihe of Indonesia. It prefers a habitat within primary forests, but can be found in secondary forests in lowland areas. It is typically found in pairs and is most active during the nighttime, moving about on the ground.

The population numbers of the Sulawesi dwarf cuscus are not known, but they are thought to be declining. The species’ main threats are habitat loss due to deforestation and hunting for food purposes. Although it is protected by law in Indonesia, it is not known to occur in any protected areas and more information is needed to be able to fully understand the status of this species. It currently appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Vulnerable.”

Image Caption: Cuscus celebensis=Strigocuscus celebensis. Credit: Joseph Wolf/Wikipedia