Sumatra chicken

The Sumatra chicken is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed on the island of Sumatra. It was first introduced into the United States and Europe in 1847 as a fighting chicken and in 1883 the black Sumatra chicken was accepted into the American Standard of Perfection. Males typically weigh up to five pounds while females weigh up to four pounds and both males and females have small or no wattles. Males will often have many spurs on both legs. The breed is known for its beautiful feathers, which are typically shiny black and green, although blue, white, and splash colored individuals can be found.

The Sumatra chicken is considered to be a primitive breed, due to its ability to fly and because males will often fight for dominance. Hens are not efficient at laying eggs, producing only about one hundred eggs each year, but they do become broody. Today, the breed is mainly kept as a show chicken.

Image Credit: Wanny/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)