Sumba And Sumbawa Pony

The Sumba and Sumbawa are two breeds of pony that are named after the islands where they are bred. Although they are two separate species of pony, they are very similar breeds. They both are descendents of the Mongolian Horse and ancient Chinese horse breeds and closely related to the Sandalwood, also native to the islands.

The other breeds that are native to Indonesia are the Batak Pony, Gayoe, Deli Pony, Bali Pony, Java Pony and Timor Pony.

These two breeds are quick, athletic, agile and have great endurance. They are very mild tempered and willing. They are used for packing, riding and light work. Being a strong breed, although small, they are ridden by adult men and sometimes used in lance throwing and by young boys in dance competitions. In the dance competitions they are decorated on the knees with bells that will chime in rhythm with drums.

The average height of these ponies is 48 inches and never reach above 52 inches. The most common color is dun with a dorsal stripe, but can be of any color. Their heads are heavy with a short muscular neck and low withers. The back is usually long and their legs are fine with tough hooves.

Image Caption: Sumbawa Pony. Credit: DMahendra/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)