Surface Weather Map Features for July 5, 2012

The morning weather map for July 5, shows us the current surface pressure readings. Surface Pressure is very important from a meteorological stand point. We use this to help us identify where our surface pressure centers are just like you see above. Our Low pressure area is over Northeast Colorado and also the High pressure over the Ontario area. Surface pressure is taken hourly from the stations and they are also mostly done on a 24hr basis, however some places will only submit their observations on 6hr increments. The way to read the map above is as follows. In Dallas Texas the reading is 1015mb, while the reading in Denver is closer to 1010mb. This would tell us that lower pressure is found near Denver. These surface features are always on the move 24hrs a day. The pressure may not be the same 1hr later for most of these places due to the air moving. The cooling or heating of the air will create a difference in the air pressure also.