Taita Fiscal

The Taita Fiscal (Lanius dorsalis) is a member of the shrike family. This is an African species. It is found from southeastern Sudan and southern Ethiopia to northeastern Tanzania. Its habitat is dry open thornbush and acacia and other dry open woodland.

The Taita Fiscal is 8.25 inches in length and is fairly unique. It has white underparts and a black crown, hind neck and wings. The back is gray, the rump is white, and there is a characteristic white V-shape on the back. The tail is relatively long and black with white outer feathers. The bill, legs and eyes are black. Sexes are similar except for a brownish-red lower flank of the female which is hidden by the wing. It gives a jumbled mix of shrike-like whistles and buzzes, including a chwaa-pikerrek-chrrrr-yook pikechik song.

The Taita Fiscal is usually solitary and hunts insects and small vertebrates from an exposed perch. The nest is a twig and grass cup built in a thorn tree. Three or four white eggs blotched with gray or white are laid.

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