Tenasserim Pine, Pinus latteri

Tenasserim pine (Pinus latteri) is an evergreen that is native to Mainland Southeast Asia. This tree grows in the mountains of southeastern Burma, northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam as well as on the island of Hainan in China. This tree was named after the Tenasserim Hills located between Myanmar and Thailand.

The Tenasserim pine generally grows at altitudes of 1312-3281 feet with some growing lower around 328 feet and some growing as high as 3937 feet. This tree is considered to be a medium to large size tree growing to heights of 82-147 feet tall. The trunk measures 4.9 feet through at maturity. The bark is orange-red in color with deep grooves at the base, thin and flaky at the crown. The needles are green to yellowish green and grow in bundles of two measuring 7.08-10.63 inches long. The cones are 2.3-5.5 inches long with a base measuring 1.57 inches when closed and 2.3-3.1 inches when open. Immature cones are green with mature cones ripening to a glossy red-brown. The seeds measure 0.27-0.315 inches long with wings measuring 0.78-0.98 inches long.

The Sumatran pine (pinus merkusii) is closely related to the Tenasserim pine but grows in southern areas around Sumatra located in the Philippines. This pine is also grouped with pines from the Mediterranean such as the Aleppo pine and the Turkish pine.

Image Caption: Tenasserim pine (Pinus latteri). Credit: Yetunminn/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)