Tenterfield Terrier

The Tenterfield terrier is a breed of domestic dog that originated from Australia. The breed originated from small rodent hunting dogs that traveled with white settlers from England to Australia. It is thought that the popular miniature fox of the nineteenth century was this breed, and by the 1920’s, the breed was an established household pet and rodent hunter. The breed received its current name in the 1990’s from Don Burke and the name was accepted by the South Australian Miniature Fox Terrier club shortly after, and the breed received its own club, known as the Tenterfield Terrier Club of Australia, in 1993.

The Tenterfield terrier reaches an average height of about eleven inches and has a small, square body. This breed differs from the fox terrier in that it does not have exaggerated features, like an elongated nose. Its ears can be erect or pricked. The breed comes in a variety of colors including white, tan, black, black and white, and tricolor and the coat does not require grooming. Although some individuals can live to be twenty years of age, the average lifespan of the breed is between twelve and twenty years.  Like other terriers, this breed is brave and intelligent and makes a loving pet. The Tenterfield terrier is recognized by the NZKC and the ANKC.

Image Caption: This is a photo of Rosie, a champion Tenterfield Terrier. She is slighlty on the small side but is a beatiful Tri-color Tenterfield Terrier with a lot of get-up and go. Credit: David Nemirovsky/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)