Thai Bangkaew Dog

The Thai Bangkaew dog is a breed of domestic dog of the Spitz-type that originated in Thailand. It is thought that this breed originated from the Wat Bangkaew monastery, located in the Bang Rakam District near a village called Bangkaew. It is said that the kind third abbot Luang Puh Maak Metharee accepted a pregnant female of this breed from a villager, assuming that she must have bred with a jackal or dhole due to the absence of other dogs in the area. Later genetic studies showed that this assumption was true, when the results revealed that the breed held jackal DNA. Natural breeding became difficult due to rainy seasons, but selective breeding saved the dog from inbreeding problems and it has become one of the most popular breeds in its native country.

The Thai Bangkaew dog is a square shaped dog with a compact body and well-proportioned features. It has a thick double coat that holds longer guard hairs and is thick around the chest, back, and neck, giving the breed a mane that is more prominent in males. The coat is white and can hold a variety of other colors including reds, blacks, greys, and browns. Its tail holds longer fur that plumes out along the curled tip. It is recommended that dogs of this breed receive early and gentle training. The breed can be aloof around strange humans and is very active, but it makes a good and protective pet. The Thai Bangkaew dog is recognized by the FCI.

Image Caption: thai bangkaew dog. Credit: chumsangsongkram kennel/Wikipedia