The Astronomical Journal

The Astronomical Journal (AJ) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal ran by the American Astronomical Society and published monthly by the Institute of Physics Publishing. It is one of the premier astronomy journals in the world. It was published by the University of Chicago Press until 2008. The society also owns the Astrophysical Journal.

The journal was established in 1849 by Benjamin A. Gould. In 1861, publication was ceased due to the American Civil War. It went unpublished until 1885. The journal was edited in Albany, NY between 1909 and 1941. In 1941, then editor Benjamin Boss arranged to transfer responsibility to the American Astronomical Society.

The Astronomical Journal published its first electronic edition in January 1998. In July 2006, The Astronomical Journal began e-first publications, electronic versions of the print journals. As of May 2012, the editor-in-chief is John Gallagher III (University of Wisconsin-Madison). The journal has had 13 editors-in-chief since 1849.

Image Caption: Low resolution image of the July 2009 cover of The Astronomical Journal. Credit: Wikipedia

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