The Heat Of March 2012 In The United States

The month of March provided a huge absence of winter with record breaking temperatures from the Canada border all the way south and eastward across the United States. Half of the United States shattered records which made the month of March, 2012 the warmest ever on record. There are a few states that did not share in the record warmth  along the west coast. They actually had cooler weather.

What lead to the extreme warm temperatures during the month of March was a weather pattern built up along the eastern slopes of the Rockies allowing for a continual repeat of weather conditions from the Rockies all the way to the Atlantic Seaboard. There were many low pressure systems come through the area which brought the warmer air from the Gulf northward into the Northern Plains and Great Lakes region. There was less snow cover on the ground, due to a warmer winter, so the surfaces of this region were not as cold and didn’t have snow cover to reflect the sun’s rays off the ground. All of these were contributing factors to why March was so warm. La Nina was happening at this time which causes warmer temperatures than normal also.