The Loop Ocean Current

When it comes to learning about the weather it is very important to understand about the oceans. The reason for this is that ocean currents can play a major role on not only weather but also the climate of a region. The current that we are looking at is called the Loop Current. If you look at the image above you can see that it’s situated just off the west coast of Florida and extends into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Loop current is a warm current and this creates a warmer surrounding in this region. The water temps along this current maintain 80-90degrees all year around. Some impacts that this current has, if you remember Hurricane Katrina in 2005, is that it made this hurricane go from CAT 3 to CAT 5. After the storm passed over top of this current, it provided just enough heat to the storm to intensify it rapidly. This current has been responsible for intensifying other storms as well.

In the winter when low pressure systems move over the Gulf of Mexico and interact with this current they go under rapid intensification creating stronger storms along the path.

Temperatures with this current are found to be the coolest during the months of January through March where temps can drop into the lower 80’s and also the current slowly drifts southward during the winter months. The warmest time period is July through September which just happens to be the peak of tropical season.