The Makeup Of Debbie And What Evolved From The Storm

Debbie formed in the warm waters of the Southeast Gulf and slowly moved northward. Debbie got picked up by the trough which was located to the North of it for a time which allowed it to make the initial turn towards Florida. Once it got near Florida, it got stuck in between the trough and ridge that was back to the west causing the storm to stall in one place or become stationary. This occurred just of the coast of Florida which resulted in a huge disaster for the state. Now Debbie has become weaker as it moved over land losing its warm water source. However, Debby is expected to move back out over the Atlantic and regain strength. It’s going to cross over the Atlantic warm waters of the Gulf Stream which will give it another round of life and then it will be on its way towards Bermuda. This will bring Bermuda all the same weather that Florida had however it will be moving faster so the time of impact will be a lot less than what Florida had to deal with.