The Monarch

The Monarch was a vehicle built by the Monarch Motor Car Company from 1913 to 1917 in Detroit, Michigan. Joseph Bloom founded the company in 1913 and the car was designed by Robert C. Hupp, Bloom’s brother-in-law.

Production began and by the spring of 1914, 150 vehicles had been built. There were several models and two body styles eventually built, a four-door sedan and a two-door coupe.

The first models were powered by a four-cylinder and sold for around $1,000. A smaller car powered by a four-cylinder was produced later that year and sold for $675.

Hupp designed a five-passenger Monarch with a 4.6-L V-8 engine priced for $1,500. Originally it was produced with a six-cylinder. Extra capital was acquired for the use of the V-8, and it was produced, but only for a brief length of time.

The company went bankruptcy in the spring of 1916 and the rights to the Monarch were purchased by the Carter Brothers from Hyattsville, Maryland. This continued the Monarch name as well as the V-8 and a 12-cylinder model. These went on sale in 1917 under the name C.B. by the new owners.

Image Caption: Monarch logo. Credit: Wikipedia (public domain)