The Weather Rubber Band Theory

Being a meteorologist for over thirteen years you start to take note of many things in the atmosphere and how they repeat themselves. Our Climate is no different. The definition of climate is stated as: the collective weather data in regards to moisture and temperature for over 30 years for the same location. So to better understand our climate we need to look at this.

First, we have average temperatures for given places based on the 30 year average. Some years the temps are warmer or cooler than others due to EL-Nino, La-Nina and solar activity. What does this mean to you the reader?  We are experiencing one of the warmest years on record right now, however in 2010 many places saw the record cold.

The interesting thing about these records is that they have not been kept over the entire life of the earth, meaning that they are a false sense of accuracy when saying they are the record of all time. Nobody was here when the dinosaurs roamed our planet. Didn’t they have an ice age? Well in order for them to have an ice the temperatures had to be colder than 2010 by far. Also if you look at the cycles of the earth you will note that there have been times in the earth’s cycle were the temperatures have been recorded being above normal for many places on the earth in the earlier years of the earth’s life.

So what I am saying is the earth is a big rubber band when it comes to temperatures and we can expect to see them alter back and forth until the earth dies. The big thing to remember is that for one extreme there has to be the other extreme. Right now we are dealing with the heat extreme but as the sun leaves its solar max and heads back down to a more tranquil and quite sun we will start to see things lead to the other side of the rubber band, the cold side.

Let’s just hope that early predictions are wrong about the coming years being the coldest the earth has seen in some time, meaning the expansion of glaciers could really be in store for the earth. What we are experiencing right now is a combination of La-Nina just finishing up and the solar max almost to the peak.

People stated back in the 1950’s that temperatures were also warmer than usual followed by a cold winter, well now fast forward to 2012-2013. La-Nina just finished in the same part of the solar cycle as the La-Nina from 1956 and now the El-Nino is going be setting up as the same time period of the 1958 El-Nino. These two periods from the past were both really warm and really cold for their respective times, meaning that we could be in store for another cold winter if EL-Nino locks in.

Again all of this information above supports my theory of the rubber band effect. There is a famous saying out there known as “History repeats itself”. Well guess what “Weather repeats itself”. So the next time someone tells you that global warming is occurring tell them it’s all part of the Earth’s cycle.