Thetis Lake Monster

The Thetis Lake monster is a cryptid described as a reptilian humanoid resembling “Gill-man” from “Creature From the Black Lagoon.”

The sighting was reported by two teens in 1972 near Thetis Lake, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They described it as being around five feet tall with three webbed toes and fingers. Barbed fins were on its skull, arms and legs.

It was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who stated, “the boys seem sincere, and until we determine otherwise we have no alternative but to continue our investigation.”

Four days later, two other men claimed to have seen the creature on the opposite side of the lake. They reported it came out of the water, looked around, then went back into the lake. They described it being, “shaped like an ordinary body, like a human being body but it had a monster face, and it was scaly with a point sticking out of its head and great big ears.”

A possible misidentification of a Tegu lizard that was lost on August 26, 1972 could account for the sighting. However, two of the witnesses said it was just a big lie and were looking for attention.

For about a century, similar creatures have been reported in Ohio, Delaware, Louisiana and North Carolina. A creature resembling the Thetis Lake Monster called Haida, from the Queen Charlotte Islands,  is described as having a humanlike face, two tails and wears a hat.

Image Caption: A Tegu lizard, possible explanation of the Thetis Lake Monster. Credit: Jami Dwyer/Wikipedia (public domain)