Thorold’s Deer

Thorold’s Deer, Cervus albirostris, also known as the White-lipped Deer, is native to China. It lives in the high and cold grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau, in Eastern Tibet and the Qinghai Province. It is distantly related to the Central Asian Deer and the Wapiti.

It is one of the largest deer species measuring up to 6 feet long and weighing up to 500 lb. Male deer have 5 pronged antlers (5 points on each antler) that may measure 4 feet. This deer, like the Wapiti, is predominantly a grazer and also has large ears, a shoulder hump, and a large rump patch with a short tail. Calves are not spotted at birth. It has white patches around its muzzle, which it gets the name White-lipped Deer. It is named for W.G. Thorold.