Timor Pony

The Timor is a breed of pony developed on Timor Island, Indonesia. Its origin is most likely from Indian breeds imported to the island. A close relative to the Timor is the Flores Pony developed on the nearby Flores Island.

The local people used both breeds as working cattle ponies, for riding, driving and light farming. Many ponies have been exported to Australia to be bred and enhance the Australian Pony.

The Timor is a strong breed, it is agile, quiet and has a willing disposition. The pony has a narrow frame with a short back, muscular neck, prominent withers, straight shoulders and a sloping croup. The legs and feet are hardy and strong. The Timor generally stand 40 to 48 inches high and are usually brown, black or bay with some being gray.

Sixty Timor ponies were exported to Australia to form the Coffin Bay Pony. A poem, The Man from Snowy River, published in 1890 by Banjo Paterson referenced a Timor Pony.

There are eight other breeds of pony native to Indonesia, the Batak, Gayoe, Deli, Bali, Java, Sumba, Sumbawa and Sandalwood ponies. The latter three are so closely related, they could be considered one breed.

Image Caption: Timor Pony. Credit: J. Patrick Fischer/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0, 2.5)