Tonkinese (or “Tonks” are a medium-sized short-haired cat breed that is a cross between Siamese and Burmese. These cats are distinguished by points like the Siamese and Himalayans. Some claim that this breed’s appearance is similar to the original appearance of the Siamese.

Tonkinese cats are generally muscular and trim, but heavier than they appear to be. They have a modified wedge-shaped head with large ears set far apart. They also have a distinctive oval-shaped paw.

These cats are playful cats but not hyperactive, although they can cause problems when bored and lonely. Something needs to be done to keep them occupied while their owner is not around. They are similar to the Burmese in that they are fairly laid back and not very demanding. Their voices are less piercing than the Siamese in most cases, but these cats are still fairly vocal.

Tonkinese exhibit a wide variety of coat patterns and colors. The three main patterns are pointed, solid, and mink, with the latter being the most desirable for show. The most commonly accepted colors are natural, champagne, platinum and blue. Tonks can have various colors of eyes that are connected to their color; gold, green, blue, and aqua.

When Tonks are registered in associations with closed breed books, their litters may only be around 3 kittens, but when new blood can be added to the line, breeds can include 6 or more kittens.