Topology was a peer-reviewed math journal covering topology and geometry. It ran from 1962 to 2009 and was published by Elsevier. A pricing policy dispute between editorial staff and Elsevier ended on August 10, 2006, with the entire staff handing in their resignation, with effect from December 31, 2006. Two more issues were published in 2007 as papers had already been accepted before the editors resigned.

The former editors of the journal instructed Elsevier in January 2007 to remove their names from the website of the journal, but Elsevier refused to comply until all papers accepted during its tenure had been published.

In 2007, the former editors of Topology announced the launch of the Journal of Topology, published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the London Mathematical Society at a significantly lower price. The first issue of that journal was published in January 2008.

Image Caption: A cover of the journal Topology. Credit: Wikipedia

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