Tornado hits Perth Australia

June 7, 2012: Perth Australia was hit by a tornado. Tornadoes occur anywhere in the world when the conditions are right and this is a great example of hitting in a unique location. When we think of tornadoes Australia is not the first place that comes to most of our minds. However, it is not uncommon for tornadoes to hit in Australia, they just don’t hit as often as in the United States.

The tornado hit a suburb of Perth in the late afternoon hours. The tornado made its way inland creating a small damage path through the suburb known as Dianella. “Fire and Emergency Services Authority spokesman stated that the mini tornado did mostly damage to the house roofing in the region.”  Also like any other tornado that strikes, power was lost to a large portion of the suburb, however most of it has since been restored to the community.

Another mini-tornado was reported during the same time period in a town known as York. This tornado didn’t cause widespread damage.

So just how common are tornadoes to the land down under? Usually every year during their fall and spring time period they do get tornadoes. Most of them go un noted as they hit in really rural locations with small impacts. Also it is important to understand that Australia is currently going through their fall time period preparing for winter to start.