Tornado Impacts During The Different Phases Of Weather Patterns For Austin Texas

Taking a look at Austin and within 50miles of the local area we can see the impacts that different phases of weather have on the tornado statistics of the region.

2000 was a La-Nina phase and it was a fairly strong phase, which lead to the 12 tornadoes within 50miles of Austin and also one EF-2 was part of the stats indicating that strong tornadoes are possible during a La-Nina in this region.

2003 was an El-Nino phase and it did suppress the tornado statistics for the year in the Austin area as only 1 tornado was recorded for the year.

2006 was marked as a Neutral phase of the weather cycles, and it also provided a time period for an increase in tornado’s as the number jumped back up to 5 for the year within the Austin area. Also during this neutral phase one EF-2 was recorded in the numbers.