Toshiba Thrive

The Toshiba Thrive is a tablet computer released by Toshiba on July 10, 2011 in the 10.1-inch model and in December 2011, in the 7-inch model. It uses the AT&T 4G network with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Toshiba released an upgrade for the Thrive, but it caused instability in the device, so as of December 2012, Toshiba only uses version 3.2.1. The successor to the Thrive is the Toshiba Excite.

The 10.1 inch Thrive has an HDMI port, a SD card slot, and a USB port witch can handle up to a 2TB external drive. It can also be connected to printers, keyboards, mice, and cameras through the USB port. The tablet itself has a front-facing 2 mp camera, and a 5 mp rear camera. A removable back panel is for access to replace the removable battery. It has a dual core CPU with 1GB of RAM, and 8, 16, or 32 GB of storage.

The 7-inch model had no removable battery, and uses micro HDMI, USB, and SD slots, instead of the full-sized slots used with the 10.1-inch. The front camera is the same 2 mp that the 10.1-inch uses.