Toy Bulldog

The toy bulldog is a breed of domestic dog that once existed between the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The first attempt to develop this species occurred when breeders tried to make the bulldog smaller. This was conducted by breeding small bulldogs, but did not result in consistent, healthy toy puppies, with some litters containing normal sized puppies. Another attempt to develop the breed occurred when the English bulldog, the French bulldog, and other types of bulldogs were selectively bred to create a dog with an average weight of about twenty pounds. However, the puppies created by this method of breeding were not accepted by the Kennel Club because they were actually a mixed breed. Today, the term toy bulldog is used to refer to a different type of mixed breed known as the Miniature Bulldog.

Image Caption: 1903 photograph of Toy Bulldog champion Little Knot. Credit: W.D. Drury/Wikipedia