Toy Manchester Terrier

The toy Manchester terrier is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the United Kingdom and Britain. The breed was developed in the nineteenth century when a whippet, black and tan terrier, and other breeds were crossed to create an effective rodent hunter. The breed was popular in America during the 1920’s, when it was known as the toy black and tan terrier and when the name was changed to the toy Manchester terrier, a club known as the American Toy Manchester Terrier Club was created in the in support of the breed. During the 1950’s, the numbers of this breed began to decline and its listing as a breed in the AKC was downgraded to size-division of the larger Manchester terrier, which caused the name of the club to be changed to the American Manchester Terrier Club.

The standard for the toy Manchester terrier states that an individual cannot exceed twelve pounds, although it is similar in other respects to the Manchester terrier. Its coat is short and typically holds brown or tan markings. This breed is similar to other breeds including the English toy terrier and the Russian russkiy toy. Today, the toy Manchester terrier is recognized large organizations including the AKC and the UKC.

Image Caption: A Toy Manchester Terrier competes in dog agility. Credit: Matthew Hunt/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)